Now Available with Free Access: Election Law Journal: Special Section: Elections During the COVID Pandemic

Very glad to be a part of this and kudos to editor David Canon and staff for getting this out so quickly:


Special Section: Elections During the COVID PandemicFree

Three Pathologies of American Voting Rights Illuminated by the COVID-19 Pandemic, and How to Treat and Cure Them
  • Pages:263–288
  • Published Online:18 August 2020

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Voting by Mail and Ballot Rejection: Lessons from Florida for Elections in the Age of the Coronavirus
  • Pages:289–320
  • Published Online:17 September 2020

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Signature Verification and Mail Ballots: Guaranteeing Access While Preserving Integrity—A Case Study of California’s Every Vote Counts Act
  • Pages:321–343
  • Published Online:4 September 2020

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When Is It Democratic to Postpone an Election? Elections During Natural Disasters, COVID-19, and Emergency Situations
  • Pages:344–362
  • Published Online:26 August 2020

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College Student Registration and Voting in the Time of COVID-19
  • Pages:363–373
  • Published Online:27 August 2020

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