“How a Pennsylvania law could delay presidential election results for days or even weeks”

Jon Ward:

If Pennsylvania has a repeat performance of its primary, America is in trouble.

Election results in Pennsylvania’s June 2 primary took weeks to be announced. And because it is such a crucial swing state, a similar delay in the Nov. 3 election could end up leaving the country unsure of who the next president will be long after Election Day.

But state officials told Yahoo News they’re confident that results won’t take as long to be announced in the fall election.

“That’s not going to happen,” said Wanda Murren, a spokesperson for the secretary of state’s office.

Murren said the biggest reason for delays during the primary was the consolidation of polling places. Because of COVID-19 and a shortage of poll workers, Philadelphia reduced what are normally more than 800 voting locations in the city to just under 200.

For the Nov. 3 election, Murren said, the city plans to have around its usual number of polling places for in-person voting.


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