“Just Seven Weeks Out, Michigan Considers Election Law Changes”


With seven weeks left until voters step into the ballot box — and even less time until voters can begin sending in absentee ballots — Michigan lawmakers are considering changes to the state’s election laws in anticipation of record absentee turnout.

On Tuesday, the Michigan Senate voted 34-2 to approve Senate Bill 757, legislation sponsored by Senate Elections Committee Chair Ruth Johnson, R-Holly, that would allow election officials in communities with at least 25,000 residents to start processing absentee ballots a day early.

It’s a step meant to help clerks handle an unprecedented number of voters choosing to cast absentee ballots in Michigan, although a number of clerks said Tuesday they hoped lawmakers will ultimately opt to give clerks even more time to pre-process absentee ballots so results don’t take days to tally.

But giving clerks more time to process ballots isn’t the only idea that’s emerged in the lead-up to Election Day. Below are some other proposals for changing Michigan’s election laws that legislators have taken up or could consider this fall.


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