New book: “The Best Candidate: Presidential Nomination in Polarized Times”

Great lineup of contributors in this new book edited by Eugene Mazo and Michael Dimino’s, The Best Candidate: Presidential Nomination in Polarized Times. (20 percent discount from publisher with code: TBC2020)

Here is the Table of Contents

Introduction, by Eugene D. Mazo and Michael R. Dimino 
Chapter 1: Presidential Selection: Historical, Institutional, and Democratic Perspectives, by James A. Gardner 
Chapter 2: The Historical Development of the U.S. Presidential Nomination Process, by Richard H. Pildes 
Chapter 3: Constitutional Law and the Presidential Nomination Process, by Richard Briffault 
Chapter 4: Winnowing and Endorsing: Separating the Two Distinct Functions of Party Primaries, by Edward B. Foley 
Chapter 5: Simplifying Presidential Primaries, by Derek T. Muller 
Chapter 6: The Case for Standardizing Primary Voter Eligibility Rules, by Michael R. Dimino 
Chapter 7: Primary Day: Why Presidential Nominees Should Be Chosen on a Single Day, by Eugene D. Mazo 
Chapter 8, A Eulogy for Caucuses, by Sean J. Wright 
Chapter 9: Floor Fight: Protecting the National Party Conventions from Manipulation, by Michael T. Morley 
Chapter 10: A Better Financing System? The Death and Possible Rebirth of the Presidential Nomination Public Financing Program, by Richard Briffault 
Chapter 11: Campaign Finance Deregulation and the Hyperpolarization of Presidential Nominations in the Super PAC Era, by Michael S. Kang 
Chapter 12: Democratizing the Presidential Debates, by Ann M. Ravel and Charlotte Hill 
Chapter 13: The Influence of Technology on Presidential Primary Campaigns, by Anthony J. Gaughan 
Chapter 14: Women and the Presidency, by Cynthia Richie Terrell 
Chapter 15: The Nomination of Presidential Candidates by Minor Political Parties, by Richard Winger 
Chapter 16: Reforming the Presidential Nominating Process: A Curmudgeon’s View, by Bradley A. Smith  


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