Introducing the Covid-Related Election Litigation Tracker

Great news:

A team at the Stanford-MIT Healthy Elections Project has just launched the COVID-Related Election Litigation Tracker, a free, searchable, litigation tracker to help the interested public find, sort and better understand the flood of COVID-related litigation. The pandemic has spawned an avalanche of litigation regarding how to adapt, apply and administer election rules to ensure safe and fair elections. The database tracks more than 300 COVID-related election cases and appeals in federal and state courts across 44 states.

Users can search the cases tracked in the database by primary or subsidiary issues the team has assigned from its Issue Key, as well as by state, state vs. federal court, federal circuit, case status and party name. The tracker provides brief summaries of the issues and facts for each case and links to key court documents such as complaints and dispositive legal rulings.

The database was developed and is maintained by a dedicated team of undergraduates, law students and recent graduates, led by Zahavah Levine, co-coordinator of the Healthy Elections Project, in partnership with Justin Levitt, Professor of Law and Gerald T. McLaughlin Fellow, Loyola Law School, whose list of pandemic-related election law cases we have been publishing on this blog here

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