“GOP faces questions about vetting after abruptly canceling convention speaker who promoted anti-Semitic tweet”


The Republican Party’s choreographed coronation of President Trump at its convention this week was quickly upended Tuesday by controversial remarks — both new and in the past — by its speakers, including one who encouraged her Twitter followers to read an anti-Semitic QAnon conspiracy theory.

The missteps — particularly the speaking role assigned to Mary Ann Mendoza, whose appearance at the Republican National Convention on Tuesday night was abruptly canceled — served as another distraction to the GOP’s four-day political festivities this week and raised concerns about how rigorously the speakers were vetted by party and campaign officials before the convention.

Mendoza is an “angel mom,” a term used by immigration restrictionists for mothers whose children were killed by undocumented immigrants. She has been a regular presence at the White House for events advocating limits on immigration and is on the campaign board of Women for Trump.

But earlier Tuesday, she promoted an anti-Semitic Twitter thread from a supporter of the QAnon conspiracy theory who claimed that in 1773, a Jewish goldsmith summoned other businessmen to his home and proclaimed that if they pooled their money, “it was possible to gain control of the wealth, natural resources, and manpower of the entire world.”

She apologized and deleted the thread after the Daily Beast and others publicized her tweet, but Mendoza in 2018 tweeted something similar about a wealthy Jewish family controlling the world: “The Rothschilds have used their globalist media mouthpiece to declare that Donald Trump is threatening to destroy the New World Order!”


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