Angelo Genova, Lawyer for DNC in the RNC Consent Decree Case for 40 Years, Sends Along Thoughts on Trump’s Comments About Sending Law Enforcement to the Polls in November

Angelo Genova, speaking for himself and not the DNC, writes:

Rick : I read your piece today. I  too have  watched and heard with great disappointment , but no surprise , the recurring narrative emanating from President Trump and the RNC leadership to conduct a replay of the NJ 1981 voter suppression game plan this November on a grander scale, now 40 years later. As special  counsel in that litigation on behalf the DNC for the life of that consent order, and having negotiated with others the terms of the consent order, I have known first hand its awesome power as a deterrent to voter suppression. The federal district court’s decision to decline further discovery in the 2016 post election litigation was a  travesty as that discovery  would have revealed that these tactics are the modus operandi and part of the fabric of the Republican party and this presidency only to be repeated. What we hear and see today spewed from the President’s mouth in my view would have been forecasted and captured early in his presidency by that discovery never allowed to proceed. And if I am right, maybe that consent order would have survived. But it didn’t.  It’s importance as a tool to chill acts of voter suppression by the RNC and it’s agents was only heightened after Shelby was decided accompanied by the chipping away of the VRA and the proliferation of state laws purportedly designed to check illusory voter fraud.  We are back to an environment I experienced and litigated as a very young lawyer back in 1981….. “it certainly is deja vu all over again” … a very bad place for our democracy to be. …

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