“New Jersey Will Hold Mail-in Election in November, Over Trump’s Objections”


New Jersey voters will for the first time cast their ballots for president predominantly by mail in November.

Gov. Philip D. Murphy, a Democrat, announced Friday that the upcoming general election would be conducted using mostly mail-in ballots to ensure voters’ and poll workers’ safety during the pandemic.

The governor, citing the success of the state’s predominantly vote-by-mail primary election last month, said all 6.3 million New Jersey voters would be sent ballots to return either by mail or to deposit in secure drop boxes.

“It doesn’t matter what party you’re in — everybody gets a ballot,” Mr. Murphy said Friday morning on CNN.

He said the state would build on the lessons learned during the July 7 primary, the first broad test of voting by mail in New Jersey. The state, for example, will expand the number of secure locations for in-person delivery of ballots and add more polling places where voters can complete provisional ballots on Election Day.

“We’re going to have more presence of secure drop boxes,” he said. “Make sure there is that physical in-voting capacity.”

New Jersey joins a growing number of states that have shifted to mail-in ballots to minimize the risks posed by the coronavirus, even as President Trump continues to sow doubt, claiming without evidence that the process is plagued by fraud. Voters in at least eight other states and Washington, D.C. — an estimated 38 million people — also are being mailed ballots to cast votes in November.

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