“A Record 75% of Americans Can Vote by Mail in 2020”

This NYT story echos my point that the main policy fight over mail-in voting is essentially over.

Indeed, the NYT story might underestimate the percentage of voters who will have the option of no-excuse absentee voting, because four of the eight states that currently do not permit this did permit it for their recent primaries. That makes it likely that those states will also create this option for the fall. Those states includes NY, which would significantly boost the overall percentage of voters who can vote no-excuse absentee, given the size of NY’s voting population.

There will continue to be issues (including litigation) over some important details of how states administer absentee voting. And in three of the four states that appear most likely to resist no-excuse absentee voting, litigation is pending that challenges those restrictive rules. But on the main issue of whether the vast majority of Americans will have the option of voting absentee, the answer now is yes.

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