“Poll: More Than Half Of Young People Lack Resources To Vote By Mail”

This title might be a bit misleading, since the text of the story refers to lack of resources or knowledge. Still, raises important issues:

As the coronavirus pandemic has upended normal balloting, more than half of voters under the age of 35 say they don’t have the resources or knowledge they need to vote by mail in November, according to a new poll.

The poll was conducted by Global Strategy Group for NextGen America, a group that is focused primarily on engaging and turning out young voters.

“The problem is we’ve never voted in a pandemic before and some of these young people have never even voted before,” said Ben Wessel, NextGen America’s executive director. “And so when we look at the information about how to print out or, do you have the ability to print out a ballot request form or do you know how to get stamps or do you even know where to find more information? We’re really understanding that we have a big job to do.”

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