“Ranking Member Davis Sends Ten Oversight Election Letters To Problematic Localities”


 Committee on House Administration Ranking Member Rodney Davis (R-Ill.) today exercised the committee’s oversight role of federal elections by seeking to engage with localities where significant issues occurred during recent primaries and where voters are likely to face significant hurdles to vote this November. Davis sent letters to ten different localities across the country seeking information regarding issues reported in recent primaries and other election administration violations.
Letters were sent to the following localities: City of Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Fulton County, Georgia; Harris County, Texas; Los Angeles County, California; Multnomah County, Oregon; New York City, New York; Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania; Champaign County, Illinois; and City of Chicago, Illinois.
“Under Democrats’ control, this committee has seemed to forget one of its core responsibilities and that’s oversight of federal elections,” said Davis. “It’s not passing sweeping legislation to federalize our elections, it’s providing oversight of states and localities who run our elections. Today, Republicans on this committee are exercising this important oversight role by engaging with localities where we saw significant issues in recent primaries and where the risk of disenfranchising voters is great if changes are not made before November. States and local election officials are moving quickly to adapt to running elections during the middle of a pandemic and I want to make sure we are providing them the help and guidance they need to run a successful election this fall.”


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