“National Security Leaders Urge Congress to Provide Election Officials with Additional Funds”

Brennan Center:

Early this morning, 34 national security leaders — including Madeline Albright, Chuck Hagel, Tom Ridge, Michael Chertoff, Susan Rice, John Kerry, Leon Panetta, James Clapper, and Janet Napolitano — sent the letter here (full text and signers below) to congressional leaders on the urgent need for federal funding in the next stimulus package to keep U.S. elections safe, secure, and reliable, despite the coronavirus. They call on Congress to help state and local governments now struggling under the costs of accommodating the demand for mail voting and providing safe in-person polling.

The letter’s signers see protecting the 2020 election from Covid-19 as critical to our nation’s security and position in the world. They represent every presidential administration from Reagan forward….


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