Yale Student Challenged by Incumbent on Residency Grounds Wins Right to Remain on NY Assembly Ballot

NY County Politics:

The First Department Court has reached a decision; Cameron Koffman is staying on the ballot for Assembly District 73.

Last Month, Assemblymember Dan Quart (D-Murray Hill, Lenox Hill) sued to remove his challenger, 22-year-old Cameron Koffman, from the ballot. The suit alleged that Koffman’s four years at Yale disqualify him from the assembly, which requires that candidates spend five continuous years as New York State residents prior to the election. 

On May 14, however, the First Department Court officially dismissed Quart’s suit. The court’s reasoning was that, while Koffman was living on-campus in Yale, his permanent address was still in New York. Furthermore, in 2017 Koffman served jury duty in New York County, and did not request exemption on the grounds that he was no longer a resident of New York.


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