New Jersey: “Hundreds of Mail-In Votes Already Set Aside Due to Voter Fraud Claims in Paterson”

NBC New York:

More than 800 mail-in votes in one of New Jersey’s largest cities have already been set aside, according to a county spokesperson, as an election is marred by allegations of voter fraud.

Those hundreds of votes represent about six percent of all ballots that have been sent in thus far in Paterson’s election Tuesday, the county spokesman said, which couldn’t be held through traditional in-person methods due to the coronavirus pandemic. There are claims that mass batches of ballots are being sent in after images showed bundles of mail-in votes.

A town over, in Haledon, a post office spokesman confirms a bundle of 300 Paterson city ballots bundled in a mailbox there. A statement from postal inspectors said that their findings were sent to the attorney general’s office and the Board of Elections. The mayor of Paterson says the voting problems could be criminal.


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