How Many Absentee Ballots in WI Came In on Time Because of the Court Decision to Extend the Receipt Deadline?

By my count, about 107,871 absentee ballots came in after April 7th and on or before April 13th. Put another way, this amounts to 6.96 percent of the total votes cast for the percent of absentee ballots that came in during this extended window created by the District Court decision. Not all those will be valid votes; of the total votes cast, these ballots amount to 6.96 percent of the total vote. To be valid, they would still have to be postmarked by April 7th (and ambiguities about that means have to be resolved). We also don’t know how many of those voters would have managed to return their ballots by April 7th, if the court had not moved the receipt deadline. Still, that provides a ballpark number for the rough effect of the extended receipt deadline.

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