Ohio “4-way split of voting rights measure overturned”

Columbus Disptach:

The Republican-controlled Ohio Supreme Court on Tuesday overturned the GOP-controlled state ballot board on a matter concerning rights for disabled and overseas military voters and others.

Supporters of the measure applauded the ruling, but they say it still faces unfair challenges in the face of the coronavirus pandemic.

The Ohio Ballot Board last month split 3-2 along party lines in deciding to carve up the proposed constitutional amendment into four. Splitting the measure was recommended by Secretary of State Frank LaRose, who also is a Republican

The separate opinions of Justices on the Ohio Supreme Court delve into different interpretation’s of the state’s “separate vote requirement.”

On the separate vote requirement, and the relationship to the single-subject rule, see Daniel H. Lowenstein, Initiatives and the New Single Subject Rule, 1 Election Law Journal 35 (2002).


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