“Wisconsin court overturns ruling that ordered removal of up to 209,000 people from voter rolls”


A Wisconsin appeals court on Friday overturned a ruling that ordered the removal of up to 209,000 people from the state’s voter rolls, handing Democrats a victory in a case they said was intended to make it more difficult for their voters to cast ballots in November….

The appeals court said in its unanimous decision that the law in question does not refer to the Elections Commission or give any duties to it related to deactivating voters. The commission had argued that the power to do that rests with local election clerks and the appeals court agreed.

“In interpreting the Wisconsin Statutes, courts may not rewrite the plain language of the statutes the legislature has enacted,” the appeals court said. “Acceptance of the arguments of Plaintiffs would cause us to rewrite statutes enacted by the legislature, and that we cannot do.”


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