“A New Bipartisan Organization Is Recruiting Volunteers To Audit Broward County’s Elections In 2020”


A new nonpartisan group organizing in Broward County is looking to make sure the next round of elections goes a lot more smoothly than 2018 – with all the recounts

It’s called Citizens Audit Broward. Volunteers all over the county will use a few different apps … And yes, they know what happened to the Iowa Caucus results, and they say that won’t happen here. 

“I welcome it. We should be watched carefully, based on reputation. We’ve earned it,” Broward County Supervisor of Elections Peter Antonacci told WLRN about Citizens Audit Broward. “Whatever they have to offer, they can bring to the canvassing board and it will be positive. To the extent that we can accommodate their interests under the current legal structure we’re gonna do it.”

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