“Most of the Wisconsinites targeted for removal from voter rolls cast ballots in 2016”

Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel:

Many of the 232,000 Wisconsinites at the heart of a lawsuit over who should be on the state’s voting rolls are reliable voters, with nearly three-quarters of them casting ballots in the 2016 presidential election.

The frequency with which they vote shows why Democrats and Republicans alike are scrambling to find their supporters and get them to update their voter registrations. With Wisconsin a top target in this year’s presidential election, they want to ensure they get their backers to the polls in November. 

The Wisconsin Elections Commission in October identified 232,576 registered voters who it believes may have moved. Conservatives have filed a lawsuit to try to force those voters off the rolls. 

A Milwaukee Journal Sentinel analysis of data from the commission shows the voters in question are ones who often show up at the polls:

  • 72% of them voted in the 2016 presidential election.
  • 89% of them have voted in at least one election since 2006.
  • 31% voted in all three presidential elections since 2008, 52% voted in at least two of them and 78% voted in at least one of them.

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