“Iowa Democratic Party projects Pete Buttigieg the winner of the delegate race, with Bernie Sanders preparing a challenge”


The update from the state party reflected its review of 55 precincts, making up about 3 percent of the total 1,765. But the review involved only rectifying discrepancies between numbers reported on math worksheets completed by caucus leaders and publicly reported data. That left untouched errors tainting the actual worksheets, where volunteer leaders had entered complex calculations based on multiple counts of caucus-night preferences — and, in some cases, made mistakes.

An attorney for the state party said officials were not authorized to alter the worksheets because they represented legal documents, according to an email Troy Price, the state party chairman, sent to members of the state party’s central committee.

“It is the legal voting record of the caucus, like a ballot,” Shayla McCormally, the attorney, wrote in an advisory included in the email from Price. “The seriousness of the record is made clear by the language at the bottom stating that any misrepresentation of the information is a crime. Therefore, any changes or tampering with the sheet could result in a claim of election interference or misconduct.”AD

She added that any interference to rectify arithmetic errors would introduce “personal opinion” into the caucus process, which involves caucus-goers arranging themselves into different groupings and then realigning if certain candidates don’t achieve a baseline level of support.


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