“Election Meltdown, Part 3 Delving into the big bag of dirty tricks ahead of the 2020 election.”

You can listen to the third episode of the Election Meltdown podcast (in conjunction with Dahlia Lithwick and Slate Amicus) at this link. (Episode 1 on voter suppression/voter fraud is here and Episode 2 on election administrator incompetence (timely!) is here.) In this episode we talk with Joe Bruno, Danielle Citron, Renee DiResta and Brendan Nyhan about dirty tricks, ranging from Russian 2016, to Democrats’ activities in the 2017 U.S. Senate race in Alabama, to the ballot tampering the North Carolina’s 2018 congressional race in the Ninth district, to the potential for deepfakes to disrupt 2020. Plus an Iowa meltdown recap.

Episode Notes

In the third part of this special five-part series of Amicus, Dahlia Lithwick is joined by election law professor Rick Hasen to unpack the bag of dirty tricks that may be deployed in 2020’s election and to examine the debris of the Iowa caucus debacle to find clues to what’s coming.

Rick Hasen’s new book Election Meltdownforms the basis for this special series of Amicus.

Join Slate for the Election Meltdown live show on Feb. 19 in Washington.

Podcast production by Sara Burningham.


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