Moving My 2018 Opeds Off the Sidebar

But you can still find them here:

Trump’s ‘Obama Did It Too’ Legal Defense Does Not Hold an Ounce of WaterSlate, Dec. 10, 2018

Republicans Are Using Potential GOP Election Crimes in North Carolina to Push for More Voter Suppression MeasuresSlate, Dec. 7, 2018

Stacey Abrams’ New Lawsuit Against Georgia’s Broken Voting System Is Incredibly SmartSlate, Nov. 27, 2018

Why Democrats Should Not Call the Georgia Governor’s Race ‘Stolen’Slate, Nov. 18, 2018

What’s Happening in Florida Is a Nightmare. 2020 Could Be So Much WorseSlate, Nov. 12, 2018

Brian Kemp Just Engaged in a Last-Minute Act of Banana-Republic Level Voter Manipulation in GeorgiaSlate, Nov. 4, 2018

Judges Are Telling Minority Voters They’re Probably Being Disenfranchised, but It’s Too Late to Do Anything About ItSlate, Nov. 2, 2018

How Democrats Can Reverse Years of Voter Suppression. It doesn’t require packing the Supreme CourtSlate, Oct. 30, 2018

Is the Assault on Voting Rights Getting Worse, or Are We Just Noticing It More?Slate, Oct. 23, 2018

The Next Threat to Redistricting ReformHarvard Law Review Blog, Oct. 22, 2018

Liberals Must Embrace a Bankrupt Judicial Philosophy to Have Any Chance of Winning at the Supreme CourtSlate, Oct. 18, 2018

Susan Collins Complains of ‘Bribery’ After Nonbillionaires Try to Influence Her Kavanaugh VoteSlate, Sept. 12, 2018

Brett Kavanaugh May Soon Unshackle All Rich Political DonorsSlate, Sept. 3, 2018

Michael Cohen’s Guilty Plea Directly Implicates Donald Trump in a FelonySlate, Aug. 21, 2018

The Chance of Michael Cohen Facing Criminal Campaign Finance Charges Just Went UpSlate, Aug. 16, 2018

How Justice Kennedy’s Successor Will Wreak Havoc on Voting Rights and American DemocracySlate, July 2, 2018

The Only Thing That Might Stop Trump From Replacing Kennedy With a Scalia CloneSlate, Jun. 27, 2018

Did Justice Kennedy Just Signal His Retirement? The depressing defeatism of Kennedy’s work this term indicates his time on the court could be coming to an endSlate, Jun. 26, 2018

Suppression of Minority Voting Rights is About to Get Way WorseSlate, June 25, 2018

California’s Supreme Court can kill Cal-3 quickly and save us all a lot of troubleL.A. Times, June 25, 2018

Justice Kennedy Still Won’t Rule on GerrymanderingSlate, June 18, 2018

The Supreme Court Made a Good Decision on Election Law; In praise of the ruling in Minnesota Voters Alliance v. ManskySlate, June 14, 2018

Sonia Sotomayor’s Dissent in the Big Voter Purge Case Points to How the Law Might Still Be Struck DownSlate, Jun. 11, 2018

Rudy Giuliani May Have Just Implicated President Trump In Serious Campaign Finance ViolationsSlate, May 2, 2018

Scalia’s Goal Of Unwinding Voter Protections Is Becoming A RealityTalking Points Memo, April 2, 2018

Justice Scalia’s Legacy is Stronger than EverSlate, March 28, 2018

The Supreme Court Case That Could Transform PoliticsPolitico, March 26, 2018

Supreme Court Avoids Bush v. Gore II in Ducking Pennsylvania Redistricting ControversyHarvard Law Review Blog, March 22, 2018

Free Speech vs. Freedom from IntimidationSlate, Feb. 28, 2018

In Pair of Opinions, Fight Over Textualism Lives OnNational Law Journal, Feb. 22, 2018

Mueller’s Indictment Shows the Way for Russians to Legally Try to Influence Our Elections Next TimeSlate, Feb. 17, 2018

Stop treating Ruth Bader Ginsburg — a.k.a. ‘Notorious R.B.G.’ — like a celebrityL.A. Times, Feb. 15, 2018

Antonin Scalia’s disruption of the Supreme Court’s ways is here to stayWashington Post, Feb. 13, 2018

Trump will still yell about voter fraud, but at least his clownish election commission can’t do any lasting damageL.A. Times, Jan. 4, 2018

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