“Texas Democrats hit state with another lawsuit over new ban on temporary voting sites”

Dallas Morning News:

Former Austin Assistant City Manager Terrell Blodgett and Texas’ Young Democrats and College Democrats filed a lawsuit Tuesday seeking to overturn House Bill 1888, claiming it suppresses the vote of marginalized communities….

The Texas Democratic Party and the party’s Senate and U.S. House campaign arms also filed a lawsuit to block the law in October, alleging that it was an attempt to suppress young voters, whose turnout surged in 2018.

The bill, passed during this year’s legislative session, requires polling places to remain open all 12 days of early voting. County election officials can no longer set up temporary or “mobile” polls for one or two days at places such as hospitals, schools or college campuses unless they host a permanent site.

Friendswood Republican Rep. Greg Bonnen, the bill’s author, has said it’s intended to prevent the “selective harvesting of targeted voters” that critics say occurs when elections officials have the discretion to choose where to place polling sites. Bonnen and the secretary of state could not immediately be reached for comment.

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