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As of: 08 Aug 2019 – 07 Oct 2019

1.Was the Democratic Nomination Rigged? A Reexamination of the Clinton-Sanders Presidential Race
Anthony J. Gaughan
Drake University – Law SchoolDate Posted: 19 Sep 2019
Last Revised: 19 Sep 2019
2.Preparing for a Disputed Presidential Election: An Exercise in Election Risk Assessment and Management
Edward B. Foley
Ohio State University (OSU) – Michael E. Moritz College of LawDate Posted: 03 Sep 2019
Last Revised: 04 Sep 2019
3.Deregulating Corruption
Ciara Torres-Spelliscy
Stetson University College of LawDate Posted: 05 Aug 2019
Last Revised: 05 Aug 2019
4.Inversions in US Presidential Elections: 1836-2016
Michael GerusoDean Spears and Ishaana Talesara
University of Texas at Austin, University of Texas at Austin and University of Texas at AustinDate Posted: 16 Sep 2019
Last Revised: 16 Sep 2019
5.Youth Voting Rights and the Unfulfilled Promise of the Twenty-Sixth Amendment
Yael Bromberg
Georgetown University Law Center – Civil Rights Clinic, Voting Rights InstituteDate Posted: 24 Aug 2019
Last Revised: 24 Aug 2019
6.Weaponizing the Ballot
Derek T. Muller
Pepperdine University – School of LawDate Posted: 10 Sep 2019
Last Revised: 17 Sep 2019
7.Where’s the Money?: Paths and Pathologies of the Law of Party Funding
Aradhya Sethia
Yale University, Law School, StudentsDate Posted: 16 Aug 2019
Last Revised: 07 Oct 2019
8.Americans, Almost and Forgotten
Tom C. W. Lin
Temple University – James E. Beasley School of LawDate Posted: 24 Sep 2019
Last Revised: 24 Sep 2019
9.Electoral Cyber Interference, Self-Determination and the Principle of Non-Intervention in Cyberspace
Nicholas Tsagourias
University of Sheffield – Faculty of LawDate Posted: 20 Aug 2019
Last Revised: 03 Sep 2019
10.The Influence of Technology on Presidential Primary Campaigns
Anthony J. Gaughan
Drake University – Law SchoolDate Posted: 30 Aug 2019
Last Revised: 30 Aug 2019

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