“Tom Steyer Is Spending Millions to Get Money Out of Politics”


Running as something of a patrician populist, Mr. Steyer brushed aside the dissonance of someone with his résumé — Exeter, Yale, Stanford, Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, his own hedge fund — flooding the airwaves with ads that castigate the influence of “the powerful and well-connected.”….
In a fraction of the time, Mr. Steyer has already outspent his opponents online: $1 million on Google and $3.9 million on Facebook, peaking at $215,000 a day on Facebook as he sought the 130,000 donors needed to qualify for the next debate.
His rivals, including Gov. Steve Bullock of Montana, have accused him of simply buying his way in. The Democratic primary should not be decided by billionaires,” Ms. Warren tweeted the day Mr. Steyer entered the race.

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