“Six Californians who shouldn’t have been registered voted last year due to ‘DMV errors’”

Sac Bee:

Six California residents who were erroneously added onto the voter rolls voted in last year’s midterms, the Secretary of State’s Office confirmed Friday afternoon following a months-long investigation.

According to Secretary of State Alex Padilla’s office, all six individuals voted in the primary and two of them also cast ballots in the 2018 general election. Their records have since been canceled and they are not being charged with a crime.

After a through review, Padilla concluded they were inadvertently registered through the state’s Motor Voter program “due to DMV errors.” The residents live in Sacramento, San Francisco, Los Angeles and San Diego counties.

Padilla’s office said the six people had no prior voting history but it could not determine whether they met registration eligibility requirements. It noted that none of the people were undocumented immigrants applying for AB 60 licenses.


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