Chair of North Carolina State Board of Elections Resigns After Telling Inappropriate Sexual Joke to 600 People at Election Conference; Comes at Time When Board Has Rescinded Decision on New Voting Machines



State Board of Elections Chairman Robert Cordle is facing criticism after telling a joke about cows and sex to a gathering of some 600 local elections officials.
At the Monday morning opening of a state elections conference, Cordle told attendees from election offices across North Carolina a joke that ended by comparing a cow who refused to be impregnated to a woman.
Many of the officials at the meeting in Cary this week are women.


The North Carolina State Board of Elections plans to move forward with certifying new voting machines ahead of the 2020 elections after a member mistakenly voted Monday night to delay the process to create stricter requirements out of concern for cyber security.
The reversal of course came as a surprise to voting rights advocates and citizens who had praised Board members last night for postponing certification in the name of voter integrity.
Board members had voted 3-2 for the postponement in order to adopt more stringent requirements for digital voting systems at a later meeting in mid-August (a meeting for which they would have provided 15 days’ notice to the public).
However, another meeting notice sent out Tuesday by the Board stated that the group planned to consider a motion this Thursday morning to “rescind [the] decision to notice meeting to amend NC Election Systems Certification Program.”
“Board Member David Black said he misunderstood the motion of Board Secretary Stella Anderson and was not aware it would stop the present certification in its tracks,” said Board Chairman Bob Cordle in an email. “He did not realize that, so he wants to set that vote aside and move ahead with certification. Some board members believe it’s not fair to try to change the requirements at this late date — more than two and a half years after the process started.”

From former counsel to state board Josh Lawson:
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