“The Human Cost of the Partisan Gerrymandering Decision”

Ruth Greenwood in the Fulcrum:

Last year the court told us in Whitford that it wanted us to develop further evidence to explain the harms to individual voters of the Wisconsin gerrymander. Consequently, my team has spent the last 12 months hearing the tragic stories of Wisconsin voters who were harmed by the extreme gerrymander and now feel left out, left behind and totally ignored by their legislators. At the least it is depressing; in many cases it brings me to tears.

On Thursday afternoon, I spoke with Donald Winter, of Neenah, Wis. Winter has lived all of his 83 years in Wisconsin, except when he was deployed overseas with the Marine Corps in the 1950s. He found time, in addition to his work in a local foundry, to serve as an alderman on his local council for over 20 years. I explained the Supreme Court’s decision to him. “Oh ….” he said. Then he took a deep breath and asked in a genuinely searching way: “Do they just not care about us?” My eyes welled with tears. “I care about you, Mr. Winter, and there are millions of Americans who do, but … well … a majority of those in power, those at the Supreme Court and those in your state legislature, I guess they don’t.”


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