Kobach Says He “Turned Down” Immigration Czar Job, Contrary to Report in the NYT

Kris Kobach said Wednesday he turned down an immigration adviser’s position at Homeland Security because it doesn’t carry enough weight to be able to solve the border crisis.” No denial in this Wash. Times piece of his ten demands for the job.

NYT tells a slightly different story:

Mr. Cuccinelli and Kris Kobach, the former Kansas secretary of state, were both under consideration for the immigration role. But Mr. Cuccinelli was always seen within the White House as the favorite, and Mr. Kobach did not help his case with Mr. Trump and some of his advisers with a list of the 10 “requirements” he had for taking the job, including access to a government jet 24 hours a day, weekends off with his family in Kansas and a promise to be nominated for Mr. McAleenan’s job by November if he wanted it.


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