North Carolina: “No voter ID approval for 12 UNC campuses, including Chapel Hill”


Student IDs from a dozen University of North Carolina schools, including UNC-Chapel Hill, didn’t get the signoff they needed Friday for students to use them at the polls during the 2020 elections.

With a deadline in state law passing, it’s up to the General Assembly to act, or these IDs won’t satisfy the state’s new voter ID law next year.
Republican leaders have said they want students to be able to use campus IDs at the polls, but they declined this week to delay Friday’s deadline for the State Board of Elections to certify that each campus meets requirements laid out in state code late last year.

They did agree to put off North Carolina’s ID requirements for voting until 2020, meaning photo IDs won’t be required for elections this year. That includes a pair of called congressional elections in the 3rd and 9th districts.

The problem for most of the universities: They let students provide pictures for their own IDs. A law passed after voters approved a constitutional amendment in November requiring photo identification at the polls requires universities to take those pictures themselves or to have a contractor do it.

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