Chuzpah Dep’t: North Carolina Republican Legislative Leader Phil Berger Criticizes Democratic Governor Cooper for Not Appointing Republican to State Supreme Court

This coming from someone who has done more to make North Carolina a partisan battleground is too, too rich:

One of the state’s top Republican politicians, Senate leader Phil Berger, criticized Cooper for not appointing a Republican to the court so that there would be a less lopsided political balance.

“It seems that Governor Cooper’s primary criteria for appointing judges is their political affiliation,” Berger said. “For years, Governor Cooper has called for a nonpartisan judiciary and partisan balance to government. By expanding the Democratic supermajority on the Supreme Court, he has shown that it was just empty rhetoric. Governor Cooper is the hyper-partisan he has long condemned.”

From an extreme partisan gerrymander which was defended solely on grounds that it helps Republicans, to voter id amendment put on the ballot after the last law was struck down as unconstitutional (targeting African-American voters “with almost surgical precision”) to multiple attempts to deprive the Democratic governor of the power governors have had to multiple attempts to try to change the partisan power of state election boards in Republicans’ favor, Berger has had a hand in all of them.

Just wow.


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