“How much should Florida trust technology in conducting elections?”

An important question, not just for Florida. Tampa Bay Times:

A computer program might have avoided the entire 2018 recount fiasco and saved South Florida election officials days of embarrassment last year, if not their jobs.

Had the law allowed it, exhausted election workers in Broward and Palm Beach counties could have conducted recounts in races for the U.S. Senate, governor and agriculture commissioner in a matter of hours simply by running a series of queries on licensed software already at their fingertips. Instead, they toiled for days, unpacking and retabulating hundreds of thousands of paper ballots….

Though Florida’s midterm election meltdown exposed administrative missteps and led to the widely publicized suspensions and resignations of [election supervisors] Snipes and Bucher, it also displayed Florida’s reliance on fallible humans and outdated systems to perform crucial, repetitive and sometimes subjective tasks.

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