Florida: “Suspended elections chief Susan Bucher resigns rather than take fight to GOP-controlled Senate”


Susan Bucher resigned Monday as Palm Beach County’s suspended supervisor of elections, claiming she was a victim of “political agendas” and that as a former Democratic legislator she could never get a fair hearing in a Republican-controlled state Senate.
Gov. Ron DeSantis suspended Bucher from office on Jan. 18, accusing the veteran elections official of incompetence. DeSantis’ suspension order was based largely on a highly detailed three-page summary compiled by former Secretary of State Michael Ertel, who cited “trust in our elections” as a hallmark of the republic.
Ertel, who accused Bucher of “combative incompetence,” himself abruptly left office last Thursday after photos surfaced showing him dressed in blackface and wearing a T-shirt that said “Katrina victim” at a 2005 Halloween party. Ertel, a former supervisor of elections in Seminole County in suburban Orlando, confirmed that the photos were of him and he immediately resigned.


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