Can’t Make this Up Dept: “Ex-chief investigator of Mercer County elections charged with voter fraud, witness tampering”


A former chief investigator of Mercer County elections has been charged with voter fraud after officials learned she resides in Pennsylvania, yet has voted in New Jersey since at least 2012.

Andrea Palmucci-McGillicuddy, 52, is charged with fraudulent voting, interference with elections and other related offenses, according to court records.

The charges were filed in Princeton Municipal Court and the case has been referred to the Ocean County Prosecutor’s Office due to conflicts of interest in Mercer.

Palmucci-McGillicuddy, a registered Democrat, gained employment with Mercer County in October 2011 as a seasonal assistant, according to records obtained by this newspaper. A year later, she started working full-time with the Superintendent of Elections Office to the Mercer County Board of Elections as a registration clerk. She was promoted to Chief Investigator of Elections in 2014, starting with a yearly salary of $46,000.


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