“As recount politics heat up, two Florida election officials are the targets of online harassment”


Several pro-Trump Facebook pages and one Twitter account on Monday posted the home address and phone number of the Broward County, Fla., election supervisor who has been the target of blistering criticism from the president and other Republicans amid highly politicized vote recounts.

Posting the home address of Election Supervisor Brenda Snipes — a tactic called “doxing” — often is a step toward harassment of people in the public spotlight and is prohibited by Facebook, Twitter and most other online platforms. The incident came amid rising vilification of the top election official in Florida’s most Democratic county as the state recounts closely fought elections for the governorship and U.S. Senate.

Facebook confirmed Tuesday that it had removed personal information about Snipes after the incident was reported to the company. Twitter declined to comment. Two tweets from an account visible Tuesday morning were deleted by noon.


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