Another Troubling Development for the Rule of Law and Election Administration: Rick Scott Requests Law Enforcement to Investigate Broward County Vote Counting, As He’s Locked in a Close Race for Senate, and President Piles On

Banana republic stuff spreads.

Marc Caputo and Matt Dixon for Politico:

Gov. Rick Scott announced Thursday night that he was calling for a state investigation into Broward County’s handling of tens of thousands of ballots that have led to statewide recounts in three races, including the U.S. Senate contest in which the Republican’s lead has slowly decreased since Election Day.

At the same time Scott called for a Florida Department of Law Enforcement investigation, Scott’s campaign filed a public-records lawsuit against Broward County Election Supervisor Brenda Snipes, accusing her of failing to provide details about the ballots tabulated after Election Day.

As a candidate he has every right to file a lawsuit, but calling for a law enforcement investigation while he is governor is stepping over the line when he has a personal stake in the outcome here.

And President Trump piles on:

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