Tuesday’s implications for redistricting

Hi, all.  Justin here.

On Tuesday, voters in Colorado, Michigan, and maybe Utah (it’s still too close to call) approved ballot initatives changing the process for drawing state legislative and congressional lines, and voters in Missouri approved an initiative changing the process for drawing state legislative lines.

Overall, the initiative, legislative, and gubernatorial choices on Tuesday moved the redistricting process in Illinois, New Mexico, and New York from split partisan control to Democratic control, and moved Michigan and Wisconsin from unilateral Republican control to split control — if the districts were redrawn as soon as the new candidates-elect were sworn in.  Obviously, the 2020 elections could shuffle the decks again.

The elections in Alaska, Georgia, Kansas, Maine, Nevada, New Hampshire, and Washington state that were too close to call (including some state legislative races with the potential to yield a supermajority) could also shake things up on the redistricting front, either delivering or breaking up potential unilateral partisan control of the process.

I’ve got maps and tables showing the partisan control of the redistricting process in the aftermath of Tuesday’s elections here for congressional districts and here for state legislative districts.  And I’ll have writeups of the new initiatives and the processes they use, coming shortly.


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