“How a right-wing troll and a Russian Twitter account created 2016’s biggest voter fraud story”

NBC News:

When Naim Tyler tweeted a video on Nov. 8, 2016, that showed an alleged voting machine malfunction in favor of Hillary Clinton, he expected some attention. But he didn’t realize what was about to happen.

The video he posted showed him repeatedly pressing the button for Donald Trump, while the machine’s indicator light stayed on for Clinton. It turned out that the machine was working properly, and that Tyler wasn’t following the instructions for changing his vote. But nonetheless, the video aligned with right-wing conspiracy theories and went viral, aided by Russia’s then-unknown disinformation campaign.

“BREAKING: Machine Refuses to Allow Vote For Trump in Pennsylvania!! RT the hell out of it! #VoterFraud #voted #ElectionDay” tweeted @Ten_GOP, a Kremlin-backed Twitter account masquerading as Tennessee’s Republican party. It was retweeted more than 29,000 times and picked up by dozens of media outlets….

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