Video on Early Voting from Ga. SOS Kemp’s Office Shows Black Female Denied Regular Ballot Because of Voter ID But White Male Allowed Regular Ballot


A video aimed at promoting early voting released by Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp’s office two years ago features children showing how to vote early and what documents are required. The video, produced in six different languages and still linked on the secretary of state’s website, shows a white boy arriving at his voting location, presenting his photo I.D. and successfully voting. The black girl who shows up to vote does not have the proper form of I.D. and is turned away from the poll.

The context of what occurs in the video, a white male being able to vote while a black female is turned away, would perhaps be insignificant if it weren’t for the state placing more than 50,000 voters’ registrations, most of whom are black, on hold.

(Via Kira Lerner)


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