Missouri: “Voter ID ruling has election authorities worried about confusion at polls”


As the Nov. 6 general election approaches, a new shake-up regarding voter identification laws has election authorities across Missouri — including in Boone County — on their toes.

Cole County Judge Richard Callahan on Tuesday blocked provisions of the voter ID law that require people with a non-photo ID to sign an affidavit before casting a ballot. Callahan issued the ruling in a lawsuit filed against the state by Priorities USA.

Although an affidavit requirement could be reasonable, the one used for voters who present an ID without a photo is “contradictory and misleading,” Callahan ruled.

“The affidavit plainly requires the voter to swear that they do not possess a form of personal identification approved for voting while simultaneously presenting to the election authority a form of personal identification that is approved,” Callahan wrote.

After the ruling, the office of Missouri Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft emailed county clerks to let them know it would appeal the ruling and seek a stay, Boone County Clerk Taylor Burks said.

With little to no other guidance, election authorities are left to figure out what the ruling means, Burks said.

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