Today’s Must-Read: “Russia’s Pro-Gun Influence Accounts Copied The NRA — And Sometimes, Vice Versa”

Tim Mak for NPR with a fascinating report:

Russian social media agitators who pushed pro-gun messages in the United States sometimes copied the language of the National Rifle Association. And sometimes, the NRA copied them.

What isn’t clear is whether there was any relationship between the social media users or whether the duplication was done without the other’s awareness, part of the broader tide of advocacy about gun rights.

The NRA did not respond to a request for comment for this story.

The Internet Research Agency pushed pro-gun messages using an account called Defend.The.Second on Instagram. Facebook, which owns Instagram, confirmed to NPR that the account was connected to the troll farm.

In one instance, the Internet Research Agency copied the description of Democratic National Committee deputy chairman Keith Ellison, originally made by the NRA’s Institute for Legislative Action.



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