“‘I was duped’: Signers claim Blankenship campaign lied on petition drive”

Charleston Gazette-Mail:

Terry Shaffer was told he signed a petition to keep Don Blankenship off the ballot for U.S. Senate. In truth, his signature was used for the opposite, and he’s not the only one.

Of the roughly 3,000 Kanawha County residents who signed on to a petition to enable Blankenship to file to run for Senate with the Constitution Party, 28 of them have said in interviews with the Charleston Gazette-Mail that they were lied to about what they were signing.

“Oh, I know I was duped, there’s no doubt about it,” Shaffer, who voted for the winning candidate in the Republican primary, said. “I guarantee you if there was a way you could check that, there’s a lot of Republicans that signed that petition that did not vote for Don Blankenship that were told [it was] to keep Don Blankenship off the November ballot.”



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