“Voter system glitch let 11,000 non-citizens register in Pennsylvania”

Philly Inquirer:

More than 11,000 non-citizens who weren’t eligible to register to vote in Pennsylvania since the mid-1990s inadvertently registered because of an oversight in the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation’s motor-voter system, a State Department analysis revealed.

The thousands of potentially ineligible voters on the rolls prompted the agency to undertake a process of confirming registrations, which resulted in 2,500 people being removed from the list recently. But about 8,700 of those registrants remain on the rolls across 64 counties, and those counties will now be tasked with confirming their eligibility or removing them from the rolls….

It is not yet clear if any — or how many — of the more than 11,000 registrants cast an illegal vote in an election, or if any illegal ballots were cast in the May primary, which the department indicated beforehand it was trying to prevent….

Murren said the agency has “no further information” about illegal votes beyond figures released last fall, when the State Department announced that noncitizens may have cast 544 ballots illegally out of more than 93 million ballots from 2000 through 2017. Those illegal ballots — one in every 172,000 votes — were revealed after the ineligible registrants reported themselves as having mistakenly registered, the department has said.


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