North Carolina General Assembly, in Another Special Session, Seeks to Change Party Designation to Help Preferred Republican Supreme Court Candidate

A few weeks ago, I reported on a candidate for state Supreme Court Justice in North Carolina. He is running as a Republican even though he used to be a Democrat. Republicans suspect he’s doing this to split the R vote and help the Democratic candidate, voting rights attorney Anita Earls.

Well now the North Carolina General Assembly, already  in special session to write the ballot captions for proposed constitutional amendments on voter id and other things (so Democratic elected officials cannot do it) are considering a bill that would now require listing no candidate party affiliation if affiliation changed 90 days ago. [corrected]

There are also rumors of a change to require a runoff in this race.

Needless to say, changes in the middle of the election season raise serious due process concerns, and it would not surprise me if these changes are challenged in either state or federal court should they be put in place and applicable to the election season already in progress.


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