“‘It looks kind of skeevy’: Illinois governor shamed by cash giveaway”


Gov. Bruce Rauner, who’s campaigning as an anti-corruption crusader, today found himself fending off attacks on his own ethics after attending an event where a political ally handed out $300,000 in cash.

The cash giveaway happened after the Republican governor spoke to a church on Chicago’s South Side on Sunday along with Willie Wilson, a onetime presidential candidate and 2019 challenger to Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

Both Rauner and Wilson, political allies, addressed the congregation with the governor stating: “We’re honored to help you pay your property taxes. Happy to do it.” It was a reference, his campaign later explained, to Rauner’s work with Wilson’s private foundation.

Wilson then stood inside the church holding stacks of cash and handed out bills to passersby.

Wilson told POLITICO that the money was from his foundation — and that $100,000 of it came from Rauner himself.



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