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“A Proposal for Redistricting Reform: A Model State Constitutional Amendment”

I had the pleasure of reading this paper and hearing Sam Hirsch deliver it at the recent Miami symposium. Here is the abstract:

    Calls for judicial intervention to cure the evils of gerrymandering are legion. But surprisingly little attention has been paid to institutional design: Who should redraw districts, and under what rules? This Paper rejects the notion that redistricting reform should aim to depoliticize the process by denying redistricters access to political data. Instead, states should require redistricting commissions to engage in an iterative process that forces each major political party to compete by presenting a plan with more geographic integrity, more competitive districts, and less partisan bias than the plan last proposed by the other party.

Highly recommended!

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Sam Hirsch to DOJ

Sam Hirsch, one of the finest election lawyers I know (and associate editor of the Election Law Journal), is leaving Jenner & Block to become a Deputy Associate Attorney General at the U.S. Department of Justice. His responsibilities may include voting rights and election law issues. I am very happy to know that such a thoughtful person will be in this position of responsibility.

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