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Unanimous 11th Circuit Panel Affirms District Court Ruling Upholding Broward County, FL’s List Maintenance Rules Against NVRA Challenge Brought by ACRU

Opinion in Bellitto v. American Civil Rights Union: The National Voter Registration Act requires state election officials to make a reasonable effort to remove certain ineligible registrants from the voter rolls. The American Civil Rights Union (“ACRU”) claims that… Continue reading

Tenth Circuit Panel in Oral Argument in Fish v. Schwab (was: Fish v. Kobach) Seems Skeptical of Kansas’s Attempt to Reverse District Court’s Block of Kansas’s Documentary Proof of Citizenship Law

You can listen to the oral argument here. With the caveat that one never knows how to read oral argument, and judges can change their minds before issuing an opinion, here are some thoughts: The judges seemed to believe… Continue reading