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“We Have a Bill to Help Prevent Another Jan. 6 Attack; It’s past time to reform the Electoral Count Act to make clear Congress can’t overturn an election result.”

Liz Cheney and Zoe Lofgren oped in the WSJ (with a proposal that sounds very much in line with Collins-Manchin): Despite this, Mr. Trump continues to make intentionally false election-fraud allegations, claiming that he should be reinstalled as president. And… Continue reading

“Inside a Republican Superlawyer’s Break With Donald Trump’s G.O.P.; An exclusive excerpt from a new book by David Enrich on powerful corporate law firms and how the Trump era changed and challenged one in particular.”

NYT: Ben Ginsberg’s office at the international law firm Jones Day was like a shrine to the old Republican Party.Its walls and shelves were crowded with campaign artifacts that he had collected over the years, including on the trail… Continue reading