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Democratic, Republican fundraising for election litigation hits $70 million in 15 months of 2023-24 election cycle, up from $45 million in 2020 (but down from $101 million in 2022)

Continuing my occasional look at fundraising earmarked for election litigation, the first 15 months of this election cycle show more than $70 million fundraised earmarked for election litigation. That’s an increase from four years ago when it was nearly… Continue reading

In New Supreme Court Social Media Case, Echoes of Citizens United on “AntiDistortion” and the Foreign Campaign Spending Ban, with Implications for Shutting Down Tik-Tok

I want to pick up a point first flagged yesterday by Eugene Volokh from yesterday’s decision in Moody v. NetChoice that could have relevance to new legislation, currently being challenged in court, that could ban Tik-Tok as being foreign owned.… Continue reading