September 16, 2005

More Diebold Conspiracy Theories Making the Rounds on the Internet

See this post on the Brad Blog.

UPDATE: Brad of the Brad blog writes:

    While I'm delighted, of course, that you posted a link to my story
    concerning the Homeland Security Warning of the vulnerability in the main
    tabulation software on Diebold Electronic Voting machines, I'm somewhat
    dismayed that you'd marginalize this important report as "more conspiracy

    I don't believe a "conspiracy theory" has been charged in the article, but
    rather news that was important enough to concern a branch of Homeland
    Security enough that they issued a report PRIOR to last November's election.

    I appreciate the sober tone you seem to take on most of your blog items, but
    am somewhat puzzled as to why you would seem to belittle *real* reporting in
    this atmosphere when most of the concerns that *you* seem to have don't even
    see the light of day in most of the mainstream media. That's their failing,
    of course, not yours. But belittling the hard work done by those of us who
    *do* give a damn about *real* voting rights in this country and accurate,
    verifiable, transparent elections is rather puzzling.

    It's only democracy at stake after all.

I agree that I should have chosen a more neutral title for my blog post. I will let readers determine for themselves the merits of the argument in the linked post.

Posted by Rick Hasen at September 16, 2005 10:23 AM